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    If you get hit by a hail storm and there are dents all over your car or truck, you will need to notify your insurance and then call Fort Worth Hail Repair. We are experts and repairing your vehicle with our bondo, fillers and re-painting. We use Paintless Dent Removal or (PDR) tools to take out the dents and dings form hail storms in the Lewisville TX Metro area.

    Dent Repair Collision Shop of Lewisville TX

    We have seen a lot of hail damage from the recent storms that have swept through the Fort Worth Metro area, hail damage to a car is often covered under your insurance and your bank or who ever is carrying the loan on your car also want the car put back to like new condition. Fort Worth Hail Repair is the shop to call for expert advice, free estimates, free loaner car and deductible help so that you get save.

    Are There Hail Stoms in Lewisville TX?

    Yes Lewisville, like many other cities in North Texas, experiences hailstorms during the spring and summer months when the atmospheric conditions are favorable for severe weather. It's important to stay informed about weather conditions and be prepared during severe weather events by following weather updates, seeking shelter in a safe location, and protecting personal property as much as possible.


    Local weather forecasts, news outlets, and online weather resources can provide real-time information on severe weather watches and warnings in the Lewisville area.